Friday, May 27, 2011

Harry Potter: Other People's Magic

Title: Harry Potter: Other People's Magic
Rating: T
Chapter Count: 8
Word Count: 150,000+
Link: <Author took down the story, I will look for a link to the story. Sorry about the inconvenience>

Summary: What if surviving that Halloween night left Harry with less magic of his own, but with other abilities instead? Follow Ravenclaw Harry as he learns to borrow and command the magic and energy he sees all around him. A different Powerful! Harry tale.


  1. What happened to the story? that link doesn't work.

  2. Yeah.

    It doesn't work.

    I want to read the story soon.

  3. Sorry, Apparently the author of this story got butthurt about the negative reviews and removed it. I'll look for a new link to it but until then you'll have to read some other stories.

    Sorry about that :(

  4. I've found an online text doco copy of HP:OPM

    Contains every chapter up to number 30, which I believe was the last published on July 5th. Thank goodness someone thought to copy it off the internet or archive it.

    It's quite possibly my favourite HP fic. I'm surprised Ragtop pulled it, I actually got a couple of review replies and he seemed quite happy with the constructive criticism and suggestions I and others were offering.

  5. well, if you have a way to communicate with him, perhaps you can tell him that quite a few people enjoyed it and were disappointed to see it pulled

  6. Also, this link does not appear to include 30 chapters. Right on top it says Chapters 1-12 but it seems rather short of that, even :-(

  7. It may say Chapters 1 - 12 at the top but it is all 30 chapters. Ragtop kept condensing each 10 chapters, after they'd been sequentially published, into single chapter omnibuses.

    While it may seem 'short' you should also note it is very 'wide'. In true Notepad fashion each paragraph runs for however long on a single line. All thirty chapters ARE there.

    As to contact with Mr Ragtop, it was only through private messaging in replies to reviews. Since he removed the story from the site he also disabled the private messaging feature on his profile, so that's a no go.

  8. Do you still have the text file for this? Was trying to find it, but the txt file link gives a 404 error.